“This financial thriller rocks and rolls with sex and ‘skull-druggery,’ and more money than Midas can count. It’s un-put-downable. Stephen Maitland-Lewis, a former New York investment banker, writes fiction about a leading commercial bank with an insider’s knowledge of embezzlement. Chilling.”

Kitty Kelley
America’s bestselling investigative biographer

Ambition makes ‘Wall Street’ look like a Boy Scout Convention. At the end of this vividly graphic exploration of life at the top of the financial world, there is hardly a character left standing who has not been involved (as victim or perpetrator) in blackmail, betrayal or sexual excess. This is clearly a prime candidate for big screen film entertainment.”

Bill Bernstein
Former President of Orion Pictures Corp. and former Executive Vice President of Paramount Pictures Corp.

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2012 Benjamin Franklin Award for Historical Fiction
2012 Written Arts Award for Best Fiction and General Fiction

Having it all will never be enough for George Tazoli, an ambitious dealer on the trading floor of a prominent California bank. He is hand-picked for a special assignment to sell off bad loans, but not because he is dating the daughter of the bank’s president, rather for his skill at working the market. The promotion sends him to New York, putting a strain on his relationship, but then a scandalous discovery lures him into the gamble of a lifetime. George must gauge the risks—his direct superior is the bank’s president and his potential father-in-law, who is married to an heiress worth billions, all the more reason for George to vow his fidelity. Back at the bank’s headquarters, the president and his father, the chairman and grandfather of George’s L.A. girlfriend, are embroiled in a long-standing feud with another family of stockholders competing for control of the bank. The boardroom tension and ultimate showdown keeps everyone busy while George makes difficult choices that will teach him a lesson learned the hard way—even wealth has a price.

Financial Thriller
6" x 9" hardcover ISBN 978-0-9993802-3-9
6" x 9" paperback ISBN 978-0-9993802-4-6
E-book ISBN 978-0-9993802-5-3

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