Praise for Ambition

“This financial thriller rocks and rolls with sex and ‘skull-druggery,’ and more money than Midas can count. It’s un-put-downable. Stephen Maitland-Lewis, a former New York investment banker, writes fiction about a leading commercial bank with an insider’s knowledge of embezzlement. Chilling.”

Kitty Kelley
America’s bestselling investigative biographer

Ambition makes ‘Wall Street’ look like a Boy Scout Convention. At the end of this vividly graphic exploration of life at the top of the financial world, there is hardly a character left standing who has not been involved (as victim or perpetrator) in blackmail, betrayal or sexual excess. This is clearly a prime candidate for big screen film entertainment.”

Bill Bernstein
Former President of Orion Pictures Corp. and former Executive Vice President of Paramount Pictures Corp.

Ambition creates the excitement of a free-fall—it’s difficult to look down or to put it down. Who said financial institutions were dull! A wonderful book and a great reading experience.”

Mickey Kantor
Former United States Trade Representative and Secretary of Commerce

“It’s about time we have one more great page turner. Stephen Maitland-Lewis steals the sins that caused the financial meltdown and weaves them into a fascinating mystery story.”

Richard J. Riordan
Former Mayor, City of Los Angeles

Ambition proves that greed travels well, be it California, New York or Switzerland. Maitland-Lewis writes with knowledge of banking and the behind the scenes deceptions combining it with the glamour and excitement of high stakes romance. The price is always there.”

Connie Martinson
Nationally syndicated journalist and TV host of Connie Martinson Talks Books

“In the style of Harold Robbins, Ambition is a rich and gaudy tale of a young trader’s determination to succeed at any price and its unexpected consequences.”

Peter Truell
Former journalist at The Wall Street Journal and author of False Profits: The Inside Story of BCCI

“A shocking tale of corruption, greed, and blackmail. Told from an insider’s perspective, Ambition reads like a true story, especially with America’s current economic plight. Stephen Maitland-Lewis has penned a timely and absorbing winner. Put Ambition on your to read list, then be prepared for some late nights.”

Robert Dugoni
NY Times bestselling author, Murder One and The Conviction

“Stephen Maitland-Lewis is a great storyteller who draws you seductively into his characters. He takes you through the footsteps of their greed and deceit of unbridled ambitions, culminating with an ending that makes it all too real. Harold Robbins would be proud!”

Jann Robbins
Author, Hope And Honor (winner of the Colby Award), Harold & Me: My Life, Love and Hard Times with Harold Robbins

Ambition is a page-turner which will appeal to both the financial community and to readers who have only been briefly exposed to Wall Street’s inner workings. An ambitious trader turns his job into a money making scam – a scene many of us on and off Wall Street have seen first hand. In Ambition we learn how far someone will go in order to capture a fortune; this is an enjoyable and very realistic journey with many magnificently profiled and flawed characters.”

Douglas Kass
President and Founder of Seabreeze Partners Management; Co-Author of Citibank: The Ralph Nader Report; frequent contributor to Barron’s; guest host of CNB’s Squawk Box; and regular guest on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report.

“Extremely interesting! The financial and personal twists and turns really surprised me. Having been involved in banking for over thirty years, I found the author has exposed weaknesses that can cause a bank to lose millions. He shows what can happen when common sense rules are not followed. I found this book to be spot on when it comes to the interworkings of banks.”

Wade Francis
CEO of Unicon Financial Services, a leading bank consulting firm in the United States and overseas; former National Bank Examiner with the United States Treasury

“With Ambition, Stephen Maitland-Lewis takes us on a fascinating ride with a young banker in a hurry. George Tazoli is thrust into temptation and treachery through his courtship of a beautiful woman, the daughter of the president of the bank for whom George is a rising star. Maitland-Lewis follows Tazoli to the world’s most exotic places and details the cost of George’s frantic pursuit of the good life.”

Jim Engster
NPR host and President of Louisiana Radio Network

“Even those who already have a jaundiced view of the shenanigans of high finance will be taken aback by the goings-on from the boardrooms and bedrooms in Stephen Maitland-Lewis’ highly entertaining latest novel, spun with a wicked insider’s eye and a venomous pen.”

Martin Berg
Former editor of The Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journals and currently editor of

Ambition is a slick, sexy, powerful escape. Juicier than any Daytime Drama, it takes the reader on a ride filled with twists and turns until the very last page. I couldn’t put it down!”

Eileen Davidson
Actress and author of The Soap Opera Mystery series

“The author takes a motley crew of despicable but fascinating characters and manages to concoct a compelling plot of greed and avarice that will keep the reader turning the pages.”

Raymond Benson
Author of The Black Stiletto series

“Anyone who works in banking will love Ambition. From a young Gordon Gecko type hoping to make his mark, to an old-school chairman of the board, to a bank president who’s lost his way, and some ambitious women as well, Stephen Maitland-Lewis’ panoply of characters are unforgettable. Crisp writing and page-turning suspense make this financial thriller a terrific read.”

Libby Fischer Hellmann
Author of Set the Night on Fire and A Bitter Veil (2012)

“Stephen Maitland-Lewis’s latest thriller Ambition, has more exciting twists and turns than an Olympic skier in the finals of a slalom race. I couldn’t put the book down. A terrific read.”

David Niven, Jr.
Former Vice President of both Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures; former international ski champion.

“This page-turning story captivated me from the outset. The backdrop of the banking world is intriguing and the characters are attention-grabbing. All the twists and turns of the plot are terrific. A delightful read which deserves to be a huge success.”

Marilyn J. Tenser
Executive Vice President – Production, Crown International Pictures, Inc.

Ambition is a character-driven novel that grabs you as it weaves and twists together love, hate, greed and temptation in the very shadowy world of banks and high finance.”

Marvin Holen, Esq.
Bank chairman and banking attorney

“Stephen Maitland-Lewis spins a web of financial manipulation coupled with old-fashioned greed. He draws you quickly into the story and keeps you there until the last page.”

Alan R. Polsky, Esq.
Los Angeles business/banking litigator